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I'm going to set up a temp tank and bench test the S.O.V., If it checks out I'm going to Power it directly with the temp tank to see if this gets fuel to the injectors.
Once I verify fuel to the injectors I plan to plug in the car's block heater and roll it over when its heated up.

I believe the lift pump is probably not the problem since the the IP is filling with fuel and there is no evidence it is leaking or sucking oil. I have narrowed the problem down to the SOV, Pressure relief banjo bolt, or IP itself. Once I verify the SOV is working I am going to block of the return line to see if that changes anything.

Another question, I see an electric connector of the back of the IP, what is its purpose. Does it turn the injector rails on/off... just another thing I want to eliminate. Are there any fuses I should be checking?

Thank you everyone for the help... its greatly appreciated.
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