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I can assure you if I were anywhere near Georgia, I WOULD be a regular customer. I have changed the mounts in the last 2 cars, and I used new the price they're a good investment. Unfortunately, the shops that I have tried here in Dallas have tried to gouge me for anything they could---things like wanting to change the turbo when there was just a hole in the main pipe. Big difference in price. Larry Bible has recommended a mechanic, so I will call him for an estimate today too. The car came with some of the records, as the old lady that bought it new had misplaced some. If I could find the mechanic that stripped it out--well, a few expressive words might be in order. I figure, if he'll cut this one out and install the new for that price, then it isn't too bad.
Thanks for your help, and all the advise you give. Your generosity has save others LOTS of time and money.

R Talley
84 300D-T
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