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You know Ron, those problems that you mentioned except for the lights aren't that big of a deal but the real sign to stay away is the mismatched tires. About 2 weeks ago, I wanted to add another 300E to my stable and I went to look at the car. 4 different tires that were completely bare. I said okay, it shouldnt cost more than $400 for a new set but then I asked the owner about what service has been done to the car and she replied by saying "it hasn't given me any problems for the past 5 years." That was the sign for me to run away.

Dealer cars only advantage is the warranty at a markup of like 7k. Not worth it and I don't trust sales people. The entire process of starmark is a joke to me except for the warranty. Go to MB's site, 80% of the items to check are trivial such as cleaning the cassette deck. All the cars that I have ever purchased, I never saw before hand and I only knew mileage and color. Most MBs are rock solid and can take alot of abuse but sometimes there some quarks that can really empty your wallet. 95 C280 has a wiring harness problem and a head gasket leak, why bother even looking at this car. A expansion tank covered in that white crust means someone opened the cap while hot. It happens all the time.
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