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Smile Beat the Liars!

Hi guys! I have fixed my aerial which popped out 2 months ago, fixed my sunroof which was reported to cost A$1200 but cost me only A$20 for the grease up/down(works like new now), fixed my standard radio by changing the worn out faceplate with a new one(nobody can tell its the original), changed the failed water pump, serp. belt, tensioner, fuel pump and filter(was tricked into changing these 2 as nothing was wrong with them), changed the 2 front bushes(reckon I was tricked again), changed a new battery, resprayed and straightened the front bonnet and bumper, changed the pressure cap for the radiator overflow bottle and now getting the vacuum leaks fixed, vacuum pump noise fixed, rearheadrest restored and working and will be looking at the noisy exhaust, timing and the dodgy speedo and replacing the damaged lefthand RV mirror set. The rear boot lock may also need replacement due to previous damage although it still works.

No wonder the previous owner wanted to get rid of this car. Basically thats the way it is. If its a prestige 2nd hand car, onus is on the buyer to find out just how many faults there are which must be fixed, how many which you should fix, but can live with, and how many which you can totally ignore being minor. The accumulation over time of repairs required will cause a heart attack if you look at the expense of fixing them all. So do watch out and don't be bitten by your love for this car. I reckon this quest of mine to get rid of all the dirty linen is coming to a happy ending. Totoal cost so far is A$5000 and maybe another A$2,500 to go. Bless me!
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