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It may even be easier to do in the newer 124s...I just removed the 500Es storage bin (1 screw) and removed the wood consoule...the bulb I replaced was at top of shifter in a small plastic plug.

That's the part number I have too..I don't remember if the bulb was frosted but I know the vent one was. What is key is the low wattage.

Here's a funny one (I didn't think so at the time)...when I did this it was apparent that the PO had spilled a cup of coffee and it had seeped all over under the consoule. I happen to HATE coffee and cleaning it brought the smell out and I felt like gagging. Whoever cleaned it up did a good enough job on the outside wonder one of the window switches was twitchy. Took me a few days to take apart and clean up. Fun is...

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