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Unhappy Need urgent help part II


Today my car(300-ce/1987) was at the garage for a check why the idle was so low, everything was checked,

* Bougie
* Bougie-kabel
* Rotor
* Gasklepschakelaar(this is dutch) i dont know what the english name for this is, but this is a little silver-metallic cilinder under the air-filter, this regulates the constant idle.
* Co2
* all hoses
* all connectors

After checking al of these things, still my idle is not contstant, it fluctuates allot, in (P) its on 550rpm and in (D) and (R) it drops to 500 or lower and this makes the car stall.

I am getting really despurate because this problem started 3 months ago and since that time i cant drive my car anymore.

I hope that there is someone who knowes this problem and can help my to fix this.

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