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This topic has been discussed extensively so a search would yield much information.

Essentially, you'll have to remove:

1. window trim (one on each side) pull straight out
2. firewall partition (removal of trim will reveal the screws)
3. rubber insulation piece that runs along the partition
4. air inlet cover, 4 screws I think
5. removal of inlet cover will reveal the wiper assy
6. remove wiper assy -- 4, 10mm bolts hold this on, 2 on left side
1 on either side of the transmission oval; unplug power
7. once wiper assy out of the way blower motor box will be fully
8. 7 or 8 clips hold blower motor box cover on, unclip them
9. retaining (metal) strap unclip
10. remove ground and 12v wiring to blower motor
11. pull out blower motor

Seems a bit daunting the first time you do this, and you'll wonder how you'll get it all back together, but just keep in mind what goes where and the steps you took to remove.

And don't forget to plug back in the wiper assy power supply.

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