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Thumbs up PBR brake pads

If anyone is interested, We have now had new PBR pads and ATE discs on the front of the 320 wagon for the past 2 months, and without question, the near dust-free quality of these pads is just beyond belief... clean, clean clean. I'm surprised no one else seems to have anything to say about them.

They are reasonably priced, about half the price of the Porterfields mentioned elsewhere (but don't seem to be living up to advertised low-dust character) , grip and stop just as well as OEM, and don't squeal.

We have had these pads on our BMW for over a year, and same results. Discs do not seem to be wearing or scoring any worse than with OEM.

Just thought if anyone was wracked with indecision about braking upgrades or maintenance, this might help.

PS: Have Textar on back, but dust was never an issue on rear wheels.
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