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John Hermann
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Distributor Removal

My 380 SE is approaching 100,000 miles and I think I may want to tackle the replacement of the cam chain tensioner and guide rails. There are a few excellent sites which detail the process, and after studying everything, it does not seem impossible if I am patient and organized. The only tough part of the process (from what I can see) is the removal of the distributor on order to get at the pins which hold one of the guides in place on the driver's side bank of cylinders. The engine is at TDC, the cap and wires are removed, is it only one 13mm bolt that holds the dirstibutor in place? Will the distributor shaft only go in one way (the right way) upon reassembly?

I would hate to get 3/4 the way through and get stuck at this point.

Anyone have experiance with this?

Thanks in advance,

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