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I have never ran any of my engines with any additives and never will. Some additives marketers are shinning some miracle results by using their ''magic in a plastic bottle''. Some have been sued for false/deceiving advertizing (slik50) and all other have never been able to demonstrate any benefit eother in real life or in lab tests.
Any product containing PFTE can be disastrous for an engine. PFTE is a solid lubricant (like a powder) and can seriously block some small oil passages. Stay away.
I've worked for over 25 years in the lubricant business developing/testing/blending/analyzing/comparing/torturing all kinds of lubricants for a major oil manufacturer. I've worked in conjunction with car manufacturers and engine development labs (both USA and europe) searching ways of improving lubrication. I've seen/tested probably over 150 different miracle additives and NONE ever came close to providing 5% of their claimed benefits. Some of these additives are even incompatible with motor oils as their components will react negatively with the additive packages already part of all brands of the engine oil.
If you feel comfortable using them, fine with me, but from what I've seen, I'd say that all aftermarket additive manufacturers are excellent marketers but very poor tribologists.
Miracles never come in small plastic bottles.
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