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Help: Engine Hot , yes another one

My 1994 E320 w/117,000 miles has been running at 95 deg C everyday and about 99 deg C while in stop and go.

I called 1 800 FOR MERCEDES and they stated this is to hot! Should be 80 - 90 deg C and about 94 max.

I did my homework.
1. Flushed coolant, added MB stuff, 50/50
2. Replaced T-Stat, again MB, oriented correctly
3. Fans are working, come on when over 100 deg
4. Temp return to 95 deg when I drive after being stopped.
5. Turning on the heat drops temp for a short time.
5. 2 of the 3 hoses on drivers side of radiator are hot. The one that connects to the radiator about half way from the top(or in the middle) is just warm. The top and bottom hoses that connect to rad are hot.
6. Spun the fan, it only turns 1/4 turn, so it seems ok.
7. THE RADIATOR ITSELF IS VERY COLD though. I felt around inside the shroud. Even after 15 mile ride.
8. Outside temp is 20 deg F.
9. It acted the same even in the summer.

A. Is there a switch that could be checked?
B. Is the radiator plugged?
C. Can I pull a hose or two off to see if rad is plugged?

Please help!!!

Love this site!

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