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Hi opie, the engine in your car has a mechanical vacuum pump bolted to the front. Looking down at the engine from the front, it has a metal tube attached to the top of it. It supplies ALL the vacuum for EVERYTHING. There are small check valves which fail with age, that can be replaced quite easily. Before you proceed though, check to see if the pump is indeed working correctly. From the sound of your transmission complaint it sounds as though the bowden pressure cable may be too tight. You didn't say whether the shift was firm or soft either. This is important . First things first though. 1. ATF level and condition. 2. Adjust bowden pressure cable. These two things take only a matter of minutes. 3. Check vacuum supply at the control valve located on the injection pump. These control valves are also a popular(and cheap)repair. Keep in mind that a big enough vacuum leak can affect several systems such as central locking, climate control, and trans shift characteristics. There's a vacuum reservoir you should check for leaks as well. This stores vacuum to operate the door locks when the engine isn't running. The sunroof is electrically operated, so don't waste time with it. You need to perform a complete function test of the above mentioned systems to better evaluate your situation. Good luck and keep me posted.
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