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Go to Fast Lane, then Catalog, then give year and model, click on coolong system and scroll down and click on water pump

The part number is G3000 30944

The one made by Graf is $161.77, the one made by Laso us $197.33 for a 1992 CE 24 valve

Call them at 888-333-4642

I assume that MBZ does not make all the parts that go on the car. I am also assuming that it is a lot better made than the water pumps on US cars that tend to last about 70K miles.

Repairing water pumbs is a lot harder with the serpentine belts and so forth used these days. It took me about three hours to replace the one on my 77 Toyota Celica. I imagine an experienced mechanic could do this in under an hour.

Good luck!
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