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Nate, the bushings in blower motor are made of soft alloy that eventually wears out. They cannot be lubricated. I paid $99 on line for my blower motor. It took me 4 hours the first time (put in a used part-big mistake), two hours the second time. The motor will not seize for a long time , but your brain will (that sound is annoying).

You need to remove the plastic cover under the windshield (that's when the MB "vertical" hood supports come in handy), remove the wiper assembly, unscrew the top 4 firewall screws, unplug everything, open up the cover (pressure clips), remove the motor (another clip), switch the turbines (make sure you mark the position of turbines on the old motor and transfer that distance to the new one-you will have about 2 mm tolerance on both side), replace the motor, fasten the clip and TRY OUT THE MOTOR!!! if you hear turbines rubbing, you have to adjust their position, put everything together.
Good luck!!
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