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Larry you are just so knowledgeable.
I wanted to try and deal with the fuel fuel filters. But, my dad feels I'm over my head. He's 76 and he hasn't worked on anything but diesel trucks. So he's not familiar with my car. I've had a 1984 300D and a 1988 300SD. I bought them from the dealer and they were both in excellent shape.So this is kind of new to me. I have the Chilton's book but the stuff is different on a Euro model. I called Mercedes in Germany to see if they had the Euro Version books for my car. The guy didn't understand a lot of english but I did get a fax number from him. I faxed him all of my information. He's suppose to get back to me about what books he has. I had contacted Mercedes in New Jersey and they didn't have European books at all. After the info I received from you and the other guys. I decided I will keep my car. I just need info. Larry going from the info you gave me. I found I have an insulator missing. So this could be the startup problem. I would like to take care of that first. Then I will take it to Mercedes and get a professional service. Or to a Mercedes that's recommended. I live in Bellflower, Calif.
I want to be able to just go out to my car and drive to Mississippi if I want. What do you think Larry?
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