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Talking one last go at this...............

I often wonder if there is another way of getting rid of the rude jerk which comes every morning on the way to work. Could it be possible to just rev up the engine to over 3100rpm before leaving home this done in the yard or garage without waking up the kids and neighbours.??? Or am I barking up the wrong tree??? Its the auto gearbox which has to do some really hard work to get rid of this bugger??? Can some bright person in the designing room at the Benz maker's hq please scratch his head and solve this problem for us with a simple adjustment of anything??? I am sick and tired of this turture!!!

I can only thank the Benz designers for inventing this ingenious" wake up call" every morning, otherwise, there is a danger that I might fall asleep driving. They must have copyrights for this world renowned and unalterable system, thats why nobody else has copied it!!!

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