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Your A/C temp sounds right, but your aux fan is sitting directly in front of the A/C condenser and the radiator is behind that. Anyhow, the distance that the fan is from the equipment should not have a big impact on temp at all. My '80 SD's gauge is calibrated in celsius, but 80 degrees C is around 175-178 degrees F. The temp increase you speak of sounds relatively normal. I assume the aux fan is functioning? A good precaution on your car would to just give the radiator cooling fins a quick checkover just to make sure none of them are leaking. I just dropped a brand new radiator in my SD, and although it wasn't overheating with the old one, it was losing enough coolant that it worried me, and I decided that rather than a recore, I would just get a brand new Behr unit from MB. For around $550 it's back in business again, of course I just got the 450SL out of winter storage, so the SD is going to sleep for the summer! Well, good luck with your car. The W116 is the best turbodiesel to have IMHO.

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