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get snows

I have a 400E, v-8, and I just put on Arctic Alpins. They had their first test in New Jersey yesterday and they performed very well. I could break traction if I tried, but the tires would grab eventually. I could count on the car to keep moving, hills, curves.

This all assumes reasonable winter driving habits on packed snow or ice: moderate throttle, prepare to stop in advance. My wife had no problems (it's her car) and I was worried that all that power she likes would be a problem in the winter.

I have all-seasons on my wagon, and have no problems (more weight obviously, and I am VERY careful braking), but my mechanic says he needs snows on his 124 wagon. They are lighter vehicles.

I also dropped the width from 215's to 195's, smaller contact means more weight per sq. in.

Try it, you'll like it.
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