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I certainly appreciate your input. I have been to FastLane and the software there is something that I am familiar with and I plan to support them when I can. There are items on my list of current needs that would be considered "dealer items" ie. a 90 degree hose in the EGR system, and a compensating washer on the left cam behind the sprocket (found to be MISSING upon disassembly). I avoid dealerships in general as we seem to have so little in common. My local dealership priced a test gauge for determining the correct thrust washers at over $300. Another member pointed out he had paid around $50 for it at his local dealer. So obviously I am a little reluctant to walk into my local dealership! The only one I have reference to so far that has better pricing didn't seem too exicted about shipping. I know there has to be a dealer out there somewhere that can see the value of discounting parts (increasing volume) and efficient handling and shipping (service).

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