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Unhappy Still not sure: cam timing

I recently had the chain replaced in my 76 300D at 280,000 miles.
I don't know how stretched it was 'cause the mechanic didn't check it that way. (Not so sure I needed to replace it now)
The car doesn't run as smoothly and has a bit more valvetrain noise now. I posted this subject in the Diesel forum and got very helpful advice. But I'm still not happy 'cause the car doesn't run as well.
The best advice I got was leave the chain alone and it will stretch out in 10,000 miles and be right on the marks for a long time. See, right now it is 2 degrees advanced
Should I just wait that long for it to run the way it's supposed to or is there possible damage being done?? (Funky combustion) I know the pistons aren't going to hit the valves (I think) but it still isn't the way it is supposed to be. Go with Offset keyway???
I just want it to purr like it is used to.
Just wanted to double check.
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