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Just had a new Oxygen sensor installed in my 89 190 E 2.6 (tried the ford mustang one but it was a no-go). Actually neither did the generic 3 wire one. My dealer has a Lambda meter and all went well. However...and I say this only as a "seat-of-the-pants" observation my car seems kind of "sluggish" now after the new sensor. It idles fine and I don't notice any roughness or anything but it just feels like I'm running on a lower octane gas. Just doesn't have the same "feel" that it used to. Since we are all Benz fans the term "just doesn't have the same feel" should need no explaining..ha ha! Any thoughts? Fuel mix (now) either too rich or lean? Thought the ecu did all that?
Thanks for your input.

Dave Browning
89 190E 2.6
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