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hello randy

i just dealt with a dealer that left me impressed. earlier this week i needed to buy a cam, rocker arm, vlv spring compensator and vlv cover gasket. i shopped around on the internet probably a dozen sites and i finally found this one http://www.***********************/ first off they had everything in stock, second they did have the best price. (i had a 60.00$ spread on the cam), third i had asked a question regarding something i was not purchasing. removal of my console. these guys were so helpful not only did they try to tell me over the phone they faxed me 5 pages of manual on the topic. fourth they accepted paypal. fifth they have an automatic email that advises of the ups tracking number and sixth they called me the next morning to verify that i got my tracking number and to see if i was happy.

i haven't seen service like that since the sixties when you got your gas pumped, your oil checked and your windows washed. all with a smile.

when you find someone or thing good you should help that person/business by telling others. So i certainly recommend this supplier. i actually found them on ebay which is how i found this site.

but i must say this service of the forum is tremendously helpful. and if it wasn't for we wouldn't be able to find the knowledge this site has. so it is our duty to support the people that support us. i have talked with phil and man he was helpful. i think he felt sorry for me cause the tools i needed were kind of expensive so he volunteered other possible sources.

good luck hunting
tks much
Thanks Much!

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