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380se no start in crank position

Hello Hello My 1984 380se has some starting problems, it kind of goes like this, turn key to the on position and you dont hear any noise but the lights on dash light up as normal. Turn key to start position and engine cranks over good and strong but will not fire any of its cylinders until you let key return to the run position. It will do this every morning and somtimes will not start at all if its really cold out. It was about 9 deg. out the other morning and could not get it to fire on any cylinders so i check for the 2 most important things to make this engine's world go around and found them. Getting strong spark from coil wire and from spark plug wire. Also pulled cold start valve out of manifold with wires and fuel line attached and watched it spray a bunch of fuel out while cranking. Now im thinking back to the old ford ignition systems that liked to only spark while cranking but not in run position, could it be that simple? Or do you think its the ignition switch? And I do hear the fuel pump and the idle air control buzzing after cranking for a few secounds. And it does not do this after it is running even if just for a few secound. Once it starts you can shut off abd restart normal. Any thoughts on this one guys. Thanks for your time
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