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Unhappy I have same problem! Help!


My 1986 190E 2.3 automatic wont go over 60 and has no power to accelerate either. Did the 2 bottles of Techron fix this car? Or something else. Things I tried on mine are: New catalytic converter, new fuel pump, adjusting little hidden screw in eha valve both directions, running vacuum hose from known good vacuum source to distributor vacuum advance, replacing computer with used one from junkyard (though my computer has a shorted out oxygen sensor input I think, but the new one did not fix it), manually adjusting current through eha from 0 to 20mA (center is 8mA for <=1986 and 0mA for >=1987), adjusted timing, checked compression (125 psi on all 4 cylinders), checked for a burnt or tuliped intake valve, checked valve timing, ran without air filter, checked fuel filter and fuel pressure, and probably more I forgot about. I am applying for a mechanis position (ha ha)...

Please, Please let me know what the solution was for this car. I have paid my dues here.
NW suburbs of Chicago
Paul D. Stienke
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