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Exclamation Help: Euro Headlight Wiper Question

I have a 1991 w-124 (300E), American model (spec.)

I have the car in Europe ... and I have recently had the European lights installed.

The Euro-lights look great, and have awesome performance.

I had the Merceder dealer install them (which means that this was likely the FIRST time there monkies ever were in contact with a US Spec. Benz). This became obvious when they said that the entire wiring for the head lights needed to be swapped because of the wattage difference in the Euro-lights. Instead they left the old wiring in place and merely rewired the power via, the battery.

The Euro-wipers look great as well. However, they never finish wiping in the same position. One or the other is pointed up, while the other is in some other position - usually the opposite down position.

I asked the dealer about the problem. Their reply (guess) was that - it was the US spec. wiring and the US switch that is messing with the system - and that would need to be replaced. Really they did not know - but it was an expensive guess.

I have not had them fix the wipers ...yet. I don't think they are correct about the cause of the problem.

Can anyone please help me ???

1991 300E (Autobahn Modified)
1986 Trans Am (Race Modified)
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