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Hi opiewann, the trans vacuum test will require you to accurately measure the vacuum going to the trans at a certain throttle position. This position is determined by installing a small disc( about the size of a nickel ) on the vacuum valve to act as a stop for the linkage. This is done whenever a control valve is replaced and it's also adjustable, allowing you to tweak the shift quality to your liking. As far as checking the supply pump you'll at least need a vacuum guage. There are also several check valves in the vacuum system that restrict vacuum under certain conditions. An accurate pneumatic diagram will allow you to eliminate/isolate sections of the system in order to diagnose accurately. Remember, first things first! Is the pump working? Does the reservoir leak? If I remember correctly, it's beneath the rear shelf, accessible from in the trunk. Also, look closely at the lines near the oil filter housing. It's easy to accidently unplug them during service. LOOK closely at all the lines you can see under the hood. The answer to your problem may be looking you right in the face! One more thing, does the engine shut off as soon as you turn the key? If not, that's another clue you have to work with. Get a pneumatic diagram and a vacuum guage and go for it. Good luck
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