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Unhappy Poor Gas Mileage on '93 400E

I have a '93 400E with about 60k mi. on the clock. It seems to run very well and is smooth and powerfull but I only am getting about 9 mpg in the city. I do tend to push the pedal to the floor quite often and I expect that my mileage definately should suffer but I'm consistantly getting the 9 mpg even when I try to take it easy for a tank. I've replaced the spark plugs and removed and cleaned the distributors and rotors when I first bought the car. That had a noticable effect on the power but didn't affect the mileage. I'm thinking of replacing the dist and rotors now.

Can anyone suggest what the problem could be?

Are there any other owners of 400E's who drive them aggressively in the city who are getting higher mpgs?

Thanks for any help.

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