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Exclamation Electrical - What is this?

Great forum! Thanks in advance, I know the crew here will be able to help me out.

I just bought my 1991 300e, so far I love the car. Just had a interesting electrical "problem". There was a fuse running across this wire see pic, well it got very hot and I'm lucky this car survived. I lost the vacuum line to the break booster, but that's easy enough to fix. My main concern is this wire. What does it go to? I'm kicking myself because just after I bought the car, I noticed this wire had been mucked with and had a rather large fuse (I think 25 Amp), and I almost disconnected it to figure out what it went to, but I didn't. I don't know much about car electrical stuff in general, but unless I'm missing something (25 Amps x 12 Volts = 300 Watts), I'm not sure anything in a car should be pulling that kind of power? On top of that it looks like the fuse was a little stronger than the wire... I can't stand when people start blowing fuses and just put in a bigger one...

Any help in this matter would GREATLY be appreciated. My main questions are:
What does this wire go to?
What is the factory fuse size?
What does the factory wiring setup look like?


Brent Edwards

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