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We sold our 1995 C36 with 110,000 miles showing. Not a single problem...

Regular maintenance should do the trick. Nothing special needed at your low mileage. MB engines don't have timing belts. The double row timing chain in your M104 engine should last at least another 80K-miles if you change the oil/filter frequently. Probably much longer than that.

For an inspection I would check: (in addition to fluids/filters/etc.)

Front flex disk.

Front lower control arm bushings.

Steering damper.

All shocks.

Poly V-belt.

The new owner of our C36 had a very thorough PPI done, including leak-down and compression tests. The engine ran new spec on all six pots. Dead even. These AMG cars are very durable, and can last a very long time with care.
John Shellenberg
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