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New to your Forum

I would like to say hello and introduce myself.
I have owned Mercedes since 1980 I am currently on my 7th Mercedes. I usually do a lot of work on the cars and hope to find this forum useful.
My son and I just spent the last 2.5 years rebuilding a 1965 Mustang Fastback, completely. We had everthing off the car. Installed a perormance 289. A new 5 speed, new suspension and rebuilt the interiors. It will be painted this summer. Since it is a daily driver for him up at Oklahome State University, the paint job will not be an expensive one.

I own the following Mercedes.
1982 300TD
1986 300SDL
1988 560SL
1999 E300 Turbo Diesel
I am currently started to rebuild the 300TD. It is a sound vehicle but as you will see in a post to follow. It's time for a suspension rebuild.
throttle linkage adjustment and Trans service.
I realize that the 300TD's are reducing in numbers so I would like to slowly start to rebuild the car.

The SDL is now my daughters car. It was my wifes car but she now drives the E300. The SDL has 262,000 mile on it. My daughter will be going to college next fall and the SDL will be sold.

The 560SL is of course my toy. The 107 series came out when I was a senior in High School. while all the kids were drooling over Camaros, Corvetts and Musle cars. I saw the 350/450SL and realized that I wanted one. I found the car in 1995.

The E300. This will be the interesting section. this is my 7th Mercedes, but I'm afraid it will be the last NEW Mercedes I buy. (I would like a 280SE) I have found the quality of the cars to be deteriorating. I do like the car. But its been in the shop a little to much for my likes. In the 56,000 miles I have on the car, the following items have been done.
Glow plug system-3 times
Transmission-4 times
Radio-7 times
front seat belts- 1 time
new door panels due to seatbelts- driver and passenger
center glove top-1 time
climate control-1 time
Fog light lenses-2 times ( hate those stones)
rear light assemblies-1 set

I really like the car, 36MPG on the highway is great, but I'm not impressed with the reliability. We have a 8 year/100,000mi Starmark warrantee on it so we'll see how it goes.
I just don't see this car lasting the way all the other ones have.
One side note, I have changed dealers, Ive gone back to ******** in Dallas. I use them for 17 years before I changed. I changed because of the distance involved. So maybe things will improve.
We'll enough whining.

The 560 is of course my baby. I will keep it for as long as I can.

I have been browsing your forum for a couple of days and do like what I have seen.

I find this forum to be just as nice as
a little more organized by topic. but nice. I noticed that someone here has a Mustang. The Mustang rebuild was fun, but boy is there a difference in quality. The Mercedes are so much easier to work on.

We'll Ive ranted for quite some time. And all I wanted to do is say hello


Now on to the other posts.
1970 220D, owned 1980-1990
1980 240D, owned 1990-1992
1982 300TD, owned 1992-1993
1986 300SDL, owned 1993-2004
1999 E300, owned 1999-2003
1982 300TD, 213,880mi, owned since Nov 18, 1991- Aug 4, 2010 SOLD
1988 560SL, 100,000mi, owned since 1995
1965 Mustang Fastback Mileage Unknown(My sons)
1983 240D, 176,000mi (My daughers) owned since 2004
2007 Honda Accord EX-L I4 auto, the new daily driver
1985 300D 264,000mi Son's new daily driver.(sold)
2008 Hyundai Tiberon. Daughters new car
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