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check on car today

I went back to the car today around 4:30 where I was forced to leave it this morning.

Tried starting it, but to no avail. I did make it a point to have my friend that drove me start the car while I'll sat outside by the gas tank. Once he stop turning the key and the engine stopped trying to turn over, I could a subtle whirring sound from area of the gas tank. I would assume that it was the fuel pumps working.

I tried to pull out the relay to take a look at, but could not easily get it out. I didn't even want to try and force it? Is there a trick to removing it?

Also, just to the right of the relay (as you stand at the front at look at the windshield) there was another fuse about 1 inch square and a few inches tall with a red top. What is that?

Inside the fuse box on the driver's side, there are other "things" in there besides fuses. What are they.

No noticable smell of gas coming from the engine when I try to start it.

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