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Engine Miss - Intermittant - 1994 S500

I've got a 1994 S500 that recently developed an intermittant miss at idle and acceleration. I don't notice either way during cruising, but it may be missing then too.
Sometimes it will go 5-10 miles with out any signs of missing, and then it starts stumbling. Other times it starts missing from the get-go.
I'm not the original owner, so don't know when the plugs and plug wires may have last been changed, but the distributor caps and rotors were replaced about 10k miles ago.

Any ideas of where to start??
It's not bad enough for the check engine light to come on, but sure it will at some point.
Is there a fuel pump relay I can check??
How hard is it to replace (get to) the plugs??

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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