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1991 300SE Lucky Me (I know it rhymes)

After owning my "new" 300SE for just over a week I now have everything working except for the heater blower, will get to that very soon. The only other thing that needs attention is an idler arm kit and front end alignment, to be done this next week, and buff out the paint. I went to see a buddy of mine today, he is a mechanic by trade and he said that I got a bargain and couldn't believe what I paid for it.

Also today we took the Benz to the annual City of Covington Ga Christmas Parade. My friend's daughter is/was a winner in a state pageant and I offered to have her ride through the sunroof. We got many compliments not only on her but the Benz as well.

I want to thank again everyone who has posted and replied to everything on this site, it helped me to fix a few minor electrical glitches and pointed me in the right direction on other minors fixes needed. With the present mechanical condition I can only hope to get another 182,000 miles out of this almost pristine automobile.
1991 300SE (my ride, 279,000 miles, looks almost new
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