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Help with replacing tranny on 1995 E300D

I am under the gun to get the transmission replaced in this E300D. I leave for Europe in 9 days for my spine surgery. I wont be able to do much physical work for at least 6 months( one level fusion, two level artificial disc replacement) so I need to get this done this week. I picked up a used one from another member of this forum. He said it had about 68,000 miles on it.

Is there anything I really need to be careful of?

Are there any parts that should be replaced while I have the tranny out of the car? ie. Flex plates etc?

Does anyone know of any website that has information and help with replacing this model transmission?

Are there any tools that I MUST have to get this job completed?

Any idea on how long it should take two people to get this done?

Thanks again
1994 S350D
1995 E300D
1997 E300D
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