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Please don't judge me harshly if i did not comepletely understand the wiring harness part.
I have a problem with fluctuating idle on 124032( e320 hfm-sfi)
Idle speed rises from 500 to 1100 intermittently in P/N. The interesting part is that no faults are detected, but disconecting the airflow meter seems to make the problem go away. I replaced the airflow meter from a car with no such problems, but after a while idle is surging again. Wiring harness?
I also monitored the signal coming out of amm: if the signal wire(disconnected) voltage is measured against ground while the other wires are connected- signal is beatyful. If the signal wire is connected- my Bosch PMS shows voltage surges when the fluctuation stars.
Or should i look for vacuum leaks, dirty isc, faulty output from transmission?
Thanks ahead - est
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