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Originally posted by LDM574
i went back to the shop. they told me that they read the codes and the codes were old code that were there before they change the wiring harness. they cleared all the codes ,but a few hours later the light came back on . and the car continue to jerk.
to be honest i am tired of taking the car to the dealer or that particular shop.

i will have some some else look at it, but meanwhile i would like to get more advice on this problem.


Now that the old codes have been cleared and the CE lamp has come back, you need to go get the recently tripped code . That will tell you what you want to know....Go back to square one
They should have cleared all existing codes when they changed the wire harness...but they didn't. So...
Don't start guessing when the info is there for you...
If you prefer to go get the code elsewhere, so be it... just get the code for proper diagnosis...

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