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#1 - I will take a look. Thanks

#2 - I was referring to the filling pressure and not the running pressure. But I guess the running pressures is the relavent ones if I want cold air.

#3 - "We usually get two hours to replace both lines (the only way we do it). You have eyes bigger than your fingers if you think its a half hour job. I doubt you will like the job. "

Great reply, made me laugh, but 2 hours for two nuts and two bolts. I guess I am going to get good and oil splatterred. I think I also need to change the oil filter cannister/engine block gasket as it looks like I have a oil leak there. Sometimes it leaks a lot other times it drips just a little. Any clues on why this would be?

#4 - In this part of Northern CA, the temperature is mostly in the 85s. I once knew, but what does 20W50 mean and should the numbers increase or decrease for hotter or colder climates?

thanks Michael

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