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If you are going to change the oil filter gasket and the lower oil cooler line I would recommend that they be done at the same time. Are you are going to do this in your driveway on jack stands? If so here is a few items that you may need. A good drain pan, a 100# bag of oil dry, a gallon of driveway soap, a bench grinder to grind a 24mm wrench down to hold the fitting in the filter housing from turning, a cut off wheel to shorten a 27mm wrench to turn the line nut with, a extra large bag of towells to wipe your self off. It may be a good ideal to get a new oil cooler and the other line just in case the treads on the cooler stay in the nuts. This can be really important late Sat. afternoon when you have a hot date for latter that evening. I almost forgot you will need to cut a 6mm allen wrench off very short to get the bolts out of the filter housing. Now if you can just make the tools that you need in 1/2 hour that would good.
Good Luck and let me know how long it takes you.
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