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#1a I opened up the glovebox and found the temp and blower controllers. To find the defective element I checked for continuity between the monovalve and each plug pin. I found no connection, so there must be a open circuit between the controllers and the monovalve. Any suggestions?

#1b While behind the glovebox I found a disconnected wire. Its connector looks like the pin of an antenna but with a screw on cap much like that for the speedometer cable. What is this?

#1c I also found a hose line that has black rubber, but with a foam rubber connector hose, that just disintegrates to my touch. What is this and can I replace this foam with just regular hose.

#3 Sound advice from Corky. Again I had to laugh at myself. I have already spent too much time underneath the car trying to tighten up the oil filter cannister in attempt to effect a poor mans leak fix and now am in deep apreciation of the task at hand. One correction to Corky's advice, I needed the gallon of soap for myself. I did have a small success on the oil line. I removed the front of the lower oil line, slipped on some heavy duty shrink wrape, shrunk it down and hose clamped the ends of the shrink wrap. No need to use the other cars to get to my date. For some reason I now have a new leak from the front of the lower oil pan.

#4 Thanks for the great explanation on oil viscosities. I now have bought a good supply of 20W50.


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