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Have you completed your repairs to your oil leaks? The oil cooler/oil filter housing oil leaks is without a doubt, one of those proverbial can of worms.

When I prepare an estimate for this job I break it down in three parts, and each part gets bigger.
First, just the oil cooler. I mention that the threads may be ruined by taking off the cooler lines and then comes part two.
Second, add the oil cooler lines. But now the threads on the oil filter housing may be ruined by taking the lines off of it.
Third, add the oil filter housing fittings, and that is if they come out.

Part of the problem is getting the service advisor to understand the whole nature of the job, and the advisor explaining this to the customer so that the customer understands. And if the advisor or the customer is in a hurry, forget about it!!!

Now sometimes, I now digress, you have an under-achieving service writer who still thinks these cars have a carburetor and could not explain how to turn on the AC. Then everything is lost in the translation and we look like we are trying to rip off the customer and everyone is pissed off at each other.

Anyway, this is one of those jobs that you have to sit back with a cold drink, put your feet up and think to yourself, is this old diesel really leaking all that bad?? It is 15 to 20 year old car and it has an oil leak, but it is really that bad that the neighborhood kids are slipping on the oil trail that is in the street? Nah!

With an old car we can lower our standards when the aggravation of the repair is way higher than the benefits of the repair.

My two cents....

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