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With the extreme possibility of the aluminum threads on the oil cooler fittings stripping out, there is one way which has worked for me each time I've had to get involved with this area of the car... Take your 27mm wrench and break the upper and lower connections loose with a sharp "snap". Now, slowly and carefully, as you're backing off the fittings, bo back and forth on each thread a couple of times with the wrench. Keep doing that until you've got the line all the way disconnected. When putting the lines back on, be very gentle and take it slowly when reconnecting. Make absolutely sure you start it square on the threads, and don't ovetighten when you're at the ends of the threads. With a little care, you can save having to stick a new oil cooler on there. It is to my understanding that the reason for the aluminum cooler body is that it dissipates heat better, although it'd be nice to have some sort of a steel jacket for the threads! Anyhow, my $0.02

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