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Hmmm, JD Power...

One of the TV car programs over here ran a Lexus LS420 for 120,000 miles. Apart from routine servicing and consumables it cost exactly 19pence. It blew a fuse. That was it!!!


Compare the build on Japanese cars to Germans... I run a Nissan 200sx Turbo as a company car. From new, I've trashed it senseless - redlined it within the first 100miles of its life!!

60,000miles and twelve months later, It hasn't broken a thing - but its getting very tatty and mechanically noisy...

Strange thing is - the manufacturer warranty runs out at 60K miles - I get the impression its all about to go bang!

The Nissan is to be replaced with a CLK200 Kompressor (yay!!!!)

Have to say the build on the CLK compared with my 16 yr old 190e looks distinctly shabby!

The old adage - they don't make em like they used to - I think now sadly applies to Mercedes-Benz.

IMHO, Mercedes have for too long, been trading on the old 'Weltmeister' reputation they had built up... The accountants have got involved and its all gone to pot. BMW are the same - living on the reputation of reliability founded on the E21, and E30 cars... From E36 onwards they've been distinctly iffy in the quality and reliability stakes.
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