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Dad's 1982 300SD May Be For Sale:

1982 300SD, tan exterior with dark gray lower mouldings. New paint (6 months old) new interior with seats built from foam, Kenwood CD, New 617.952 with pistons, liners, Camshaft, Followers, valves, Guides, Chains, Sprockets, Injektors, Rod Bushings, Oil Pump, oil lines, radiator, Thermostat, turbocharger, etc., all belts & hoses (Continental),ALL new front suspension, tires and brakes.

168,000 actual miles, IIRC.

Additional new goodies are the hood pad, Monovalve, pushbutton unit, alternator, battery, Euro headlamps and new lock cylinder.

Dad built the car for my Mom but she cannot ride in it comfortably due to a medical condition, so Pop will be putting it up for sale soon.

This car needs nothing whatsoever. Forum member 'Hammerwerfer' has seen the car in person and will attest to this. There are no dents or scratches anywhere. less than 1,500 miles on complete overhaul.

Car is located in Porterville, California and I will be the point of contact for interested parties.

Photos to come and I will entertain reasonable offers. I would like to see him get a fair price for the car, so I am thinking around $4k and would appreciate your feedback.

Did you just pass my 740 at 200 kmh in a 300SD?????

1978 300SD 'Phil' - 1,315,853 Miles And Counting - 1, 317,885 as of 12/27/2012 - 1,333,000 as of 05/10/2013, 1,337,850 as of July 15, 2013, 1,339,000 as of August 13, 2013

100,000 miles since June 2005 Overhaul - Sold January 25th, 2014 After 1,344,246 Miles & 20 Years of Ownership
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