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Unhappy Tach (Electrofan???) Problem

Hi Guys

Wonder if anyone of u can help.

I was under the hood one day with the engine running, when I noticed some wires burning.

It turned out to be the wires from the main fan temp sensor, I believe (it is on the engine with 2 prongs).

I swapped out the sensor (USD10) and checked the wiring loom.

I stripped the wires all the way back coz they were burnt internally, up to the point where the wires were good. The I cut off the burnt/shorted portion and spliced some new wires.

Now, fuse #10 blows upon turning of the ignition key switch to position 2. Even with the wires disconnected from the sensor, the fuse still blows.

I lost my tach coz they work off the same fuse.

Is there a relay/switch that could be responsible for this problem?

It seems that the electromagnetic fan is not coming on. It is just freewheeling.

Help guys...


1991 190e 1.8
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