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shocks, springs ? advice needed

I took my car to new york over the weekend everytime i hit a bump it feels like i was looking control of the car ,now on the way back the trunk was full of .... that my wife bought I kept on screaming at her ,thinking that this would make the car handle even worst because i could see that the back wheels was a lot lower than the front ,,oh boy was i wrong the car was riding a lot better it felt like the car was hugging the road better ,was 'nt bouncing as much when I hit a bump. Well i like it so much that this morning i put some dead weights in the back wich is gonna help me anyways with the snow.NOw the car has 169,000miles shocks and springs was never change is it time for new ones or can i just change the shocks , is there shocks outhere that would make my ride a little lower any suggestion guys would be helpful thanks guys
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