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I have gotten the valves adjusted. My boost is running at 9psi.

My car has a pretty newish stock type system on it. It barely makes any noise. I was looking at the exhaust system when I was changing the transmission fluid. It comes out of the corrugated section on the down pipe and it is spliced right before the curve and considerably constricted down where it was swedged probably a half inch or more to fit into the head pipe then squished down where it makes the curve. I am guessing that it loses 30% of the cross sectional area within 3-4".

Here is a quote from a different thread which drifted from a post about turbo whine.
Turbo Whine - W123
Originally Posted by fordheaded View Post
Some say there's no way it can give you more power, but I feel there was a definite increase. Noise was fun at first but at 70 my eyes started to vibrate. The pipe is 2.5 inches to the rear axle then 3 inches with a downturn at the end. I had to make a resonator to calm it down. Took the same 2.5" pipe and drilled 3/8" holes in it, then covered with 4" pipe fully welded. The pipe is industrial sanitary pipe from the scrap yard, real thin and easy to tig weld. Cheap because it's light. Also 304 S.S.!! Anyway, I installed the resonator where the first stock one would be and much better. Still a little drone but bearable. A very distinctive sound though at 75mph, almost like a giant cicada! Cool. I'll try to post some pics from my phone. Stock exhaust-400-500.$$; scrapyard SS pipe, $35.00.
Fordheaded, has a good idea. I am not interested in a straight pipe but thinking that maybe sending everything back to the muffler through at least a stock head pipe diameter.
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