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I've seen the "front high/rear low" syndrome posted here before. You might want to check previous posts. All I can offer is this: If you're sitting "high/low" now, installing the springs will just give your car a "lower" high/low stance. The shocks don't affect ride height. The spring pads are what afford you height adjustability. On my 1986 2.3-16V , the stock suspension has a 3-bump pad on the front -- don't know what's on the rear. But, my front end sits a little higher than the rear. I believe the pads come in 1 thru 4 bump sizes, each 8mm (5/16")thicker than the other. I assume the 1-bump pad starts at 8mm thick. If I changed to a 1-bump pad, that would lower my front end 5/8" and would put it right in line with the rear (i.e. - level stance).

Hope this helps a little.

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