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Originally posted by keithed
Sure are alot of MB failures. Do any of you remember if you ever had a period of time when you were dealing with engine temps running higher than what you thought was normal.

I know MB says you should use their tranny fluid, but I believe the old school you get what you pay for (most of the time).

Synthetic ATF is in my opinion better insurance at best as you have a little bettter heat protection and superior additive formular.

Any transmission run with high engine temps (especially during the summer) is sure to cause problems down the road.

Since the cost is so high just for the fluid 5 to 7 dollar range, most people consider this to high, but I think your transmission will know the difference. No science just experience.

My tranny with Mobil 1 synthetic ATF failed last month in exactly the same way. Came to a stop at the light, hit the gas when it went green and no movement whatsoever. Was able to reverse into a parking spot and call a tow truck. There is an inherent failure of the B2 piston around 100K (GIVE OR TAKE!) it is well documented. A lot of MB techs sometimes suggest doing a little overhaul as preventive maintenance around the 100K+ mark. If you've made it that far consider yourself lucky. Trust me it is embarassing and expensive as heck!!
Do yourself a favor and have your tranny checked if you're above 100K.
Another reason I will be getting a stick next time
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