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I just tried this morning to jump power to start wire under hood over on the right inner fender with the key in the run position to see if it would start any better, as in ignition switch is not sending power to all the correct places when its in the start position. And it made no diffrence at all. still had to crank the hell out of it and it would nor fire a cylinder until i pulled jumper wire off of start wire, just like when i would try to start with ignition switch. I did notice that if i would tap the starter over quickly it would almost try to fire cylinder to sone and cause engine to spin backwards about 1/4 turn. It did start but still the same old story,
crank & crank and will not even try to fire cylinder until you disengage starter and if you timed it just right when you let off starter one of the cylinder would fire and engine would start and run like nothings wrong. I wonder if its possible that the ignition module is needing more volts then normal and not getting them while starter motor is engaged. And just when i disengage start and engine is still turn a slight amount the module is getting enough volts/amps to fire cylinders at the correct time.
The module is original, but i hate to waste that much money on a long shot. Or how about pick up sensor, could that cause the same problems And were is it located? In distributer or did this engine have crank sensor?
What ya think?
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