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sixto wrote:

US market 126s include any sedan with an 'S' from 1981-1991 (300SD/L, 300SE/L, 350SD/L, 380SE/L, 420SEL, 500SEL, 560SEL). The SECs are 126 coupes. The SLs and SLCs are 107s not 126s.

To add some details to the previous information: In most markets except the U.S. you could also buy the following W126s:

260SE (short-wheel base S chassis with the 2.6 liter 6-cyl. eng.)
420SE (short-wheel base S chassis with the 4.2 liter 8-cyl. eng.)
500SE (short-wheel base S chassis with the 5.0 liter 8-cyl. eng.)
560SE (short-wheel base S chassis with the 5.6 liter 8-cyl. eng.)

In real terms, the short wheel base model is known as the W 126, the long wheel base model as the V 126 and the coupes are known as C 126s.
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